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ááá Natural Energy Fruit

ááá Excellent source of protein

ááá High level of B-Vitamins

ááá High in Amino acids

ááá Natural Aphrodisiac

ááá Premium Borojo pantinoi


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Will Borojo be the next great Love Potion?á While its too early to be sure, the energizing characteristics of this fruit is definitely starting to catch the attention of people looking toward Natural Alternatives.á Discover Borojo for Yourself by mixing up an refreshing exotic energy drink from our Silky Smooth Powder or try a couple of slips from an bottle of concentrated juice, NOW AVAILABLE!

Just a couple of teaspoons of this fruit twice daily will give you an natural boost of energy


á Borojo Fruit is an natural energizer found only in the tropical areas of South America.á It is known for its high mineral, protein and vitamin content.á Natives have used this fruit for centuries to regulate blood pressure, fight bronchial afflictions, provide protein in vegetarian diets, sugar equilibrium in the blood and increasing sexual potency along with other medicinal uses.á Our products are imported and manufactured with the greatest care to ensure that the natural goodness of this fruit is retained for your use.


Found only in the Amazon regions, Natives use the pulp to prepare juice (jugo del amor), compotes, marmalades, candies, wine or is eaten straight up as food supplement while journeying through the jungles.á It has been used to heal injuries, treat various illnesses, and has shown good results in balancing the sugar in the blood, to control arterial hypertension, aide in menstrual discomfort for women as well as other medicinal purposes.á Borojo is high in amino acids so much so that a pound of this fruit is equivalent to three fresh pounds of meat!


The fruit is famous in western Colombia and Panama, for its acclaimed* aphrodisiac properties. Borojo is highly energetic, with a high content of soluble solids (30% Brix), consisting mainly of fructose and glucose, along with a high protein content and essential amino acids.á Borojo has one of the highest levels of water soluble B vitamins among fruits moving one doctor to say "If this fruit would be grown on a large scale, it could address the problem of malnutrition in the world. It is so rich in minerals and vitamins, that no other fruit on this planet could compete with it".á


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Borojo is Now Available either as Concentrated Juice in Bottle or in Premium Powder form.á Click on Pictures for more info.

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* The FDA has not evaluated any statements on this fruit..á Supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.á However, testimonials from people using herbal alternatives have provided insights on several benefits from their use.

Borojo Fruit ripening on the vine.á Click Picture 4 More info.

100 grams Pulp of Borojo contains

Ascorb acid
Vitamin C

5.5 g
24.7 g
10.2 g
1.4 g
0.0 g
26.0 mg
160.0 mg
1.6 mg
3.0 mg
0.30 mg
0.12 mg
2.3 mg
3.1 mg
13.6 mg
1.7 mg
20.0 mg